The White Pine Aquatic Center reached its one year anniversary on June 29. (Garrett Estrada photo)

The White Pine Aquatic Center reached its one year anniversary on June 29. (Garrett Estrada photo)

As the number on the thermometer continues to rise, so to does the attendance at the White Pine Aquatic Center and McGill Pool. And as people are looking to jump in, the two local pools are trying new ideas to keep people in the water.

Megan Brown, Director of both pools, said that the Aquatic Center in particular has evolved considerably since it first opened its doors, one year ago.

“We’ve added an aquacize class to almost every night, we’ve added a lot of swimming lessons and private lessons and we just this week started a swim team that people can still sign up for,” Brown said.

The director has tried to listen to feedback regarding the indoor pool over its first year and has adapted to better offer things that swimmers want. One of the things that has changed has been opening up the entire pool for open swim. While there used to be a portion of the pool permanently sanctioned off for lap swimmers, that area has since been opened for open swim to accommodate the bigger crowds and give each swimmer more room to roam.

The McGill Pool is still staying strong as well. Brown said that she had heard some concerns when the Aquatic Center opened up that it would pull people away from the outside pool. One year later, Brown is happy to report that both are doing well.

“We’ve stayed busy at both pools. The McGill Pool still draws a lot of swimmers and I think it is great that we now can offer both an indoor and outdoor pool for people in the community to give them options for how they want to swim,” the director said.

The two pools recently switched to a staggered schedule of closing one day a week to clean the facilities. The McGill Pool will be closed on Wednesdays and the Aquatic Center will be closed on Sundays. With the increased foot traffic, especially at the Aquatic Center, the need for having a day to clean became increasingly necessary. Brown said that by closing the pools on different days locals will always have a pool open to dive into.

Those looking to swim competitively can still joined the newly formed swim team at the Aquatic Center. Brown said that the program was made possible by an $8,000 donation by Robinson Nevada Mining Company and will allow the team to travel and compete.

For more information on either pool, call 775-289-7700.