Tattoo artist of over 13 years Danny Herrera stands outside his new tattoo parlor with his wife Teri and daughter Rocklyn. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Tattoo artist of over 13 years Danny Herrera stands outside his new tattoo parlor with his wife Teri and daughter Rocklyn. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Getting a tattoo done is a form of personal expression. It leaves a permanent mark showing what matters to its owner. The same thing can be said for Danny Herrera and his family’s journey from Las Vegas to Ely to open his own tattoo studio.

To Herrera, family matters, so when he and his wife Teri figured they didn’t want to raise their three children in Las Vegas, they turned to a much quieter, safer city, Teri’s hometown of Ely. Herrera tried to adjust to the new surroundings by starting fresh at the mines, but again, what matters personally took over.

Herrera has been a tattoo artist for over 13 years. In that time, he has done countless pieces of custom artwork for people from Las Vegas to tattoo conventions around the country. It’s a passion that he couldn’t escape from while working at the mines, and when that eventually didn’t work out, he and his wife decided  to run with it and open their  own studio .

Not like there was much competition.

“People before would have to drive three or four hours just to get tattoo work done. They don’t have to do that anymore and in fact, I have people now making the four hour drive from Vegas up here for me to work on them,” Herrera said.

As an artist, Herrera said that he specializes in photo-realism, though he is more than capable of doing a variety of styles. All his work is custom, which  is something that is important for him and his customers since everything he does is one of a kind.

“I don’t really want people to bring in something that they saw online and have me copy it. It’s like, 1,000 other people are going to have that tattoo. I prefer having a conversation with them, picking their brain, until we can come up with something unique, that no one else will have,” he said.

While custom artwork is the draw, Herrera also stressed the importance of having a safe and clean place to get a tattoo done. His store and his license are held to a higher standard than those that work in someone’s house. Plus, Herrera added, that his more than a decade worth of experience ensures that each and every customer will know they are getting top quality work done.

Those who are looking to get work done can come into his studio and talk about design ideas. Herrera said that he can either sketch the idea out on paper of draw it in sharpie right where the person wants it on them so they can see how it would look. But he also knows when to use caution and help people make the best decision they can.

“I’m very careful when kids come in and want to get a face tattoo or something like that. I try to come up with alternatives  with them and let them know that visible tattoo’s like that are not always the best idea,” Herrera said.

Not that he is against visible or face tattoos, as he sports several himself. However being in the tattoo business for years has allowed him to get away with it he joked.

Customers looking for small tattoos can walk in or make appointments. Larger pieces are done on appointment only.

For more information, 702-373-1876 or visit