Dear White Pine County Residents:

I think you should know that you cannot always trust someone you think you can. There is a certain County Commissioner that has recently become a new business owner that cannot be trusted! I thought of him as a friend and he betrayed me while I was sick and in the hospital. If a friend cannot trust him, how are the citizens of White Pine County supposed to trust him? Please be aware of who you elect into local government, for they may be a fox in sheeps clothing.


Richard Carney

Dear Editor:

In light of the recent decision by the city to discontinue their membership with the chamber of commerce, I feel a response is in order.

I would like to point out a few facts:

The chamber is an organization of members who are wiling to join and pay a membership

to participate in the advantages of the membership. Those membership privileges include an established location for brochures, posters, etc which advertise individual business. This is a valuable asset given the fact that new people in the community seek information at the chamber office as do tourists looking for information about our county. While the chamber will give information about businesses who are not members if asked , the chamber members are given priority billing when a request is made. The Chamber has and does assist its members with their special events or promotions.

The Chamber bucks program which was put down by the city council is an exclusive benefit to chamber members only and must be signed up for by those members. Yes, the mines and other entities give chamber bucks to employees in lieu of gift certificates. Those bucks guarantees that that dollar amount is spent only in our county businesses who participate, thus keeping our money at home. It is a special right and privilege of the business who choses to be a chamber member. If that is considered discrimination, then the Chamber certainly is guilty of discrimination. So maybe the city should go out and sue American Express, Discover, or Capital One because they discriminate against local businesses by not accepting charges on their cards without a merchant credit agreement. Sorry folks. These specialized groups are a fact of life and the city council should realize that fact.

The Chamber is open to anyone, business or individuals, who want to join. It does not discriminate and, also, has different membership fees for different types of membership. The Chamber has and does willingly assisted with many functions and other things in the community and its meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend to see what its all about. I would encourage all those who have an opinion yet know nothing about the organization to stop in and look at an information sheet on the chamber, talk to Wayne, or attend a meeting.

In the meantime, we will continue to discriminate by allowing only members to accept chamber bucks, specifically inviting those on our member list to our Chamber mixers (our quarterly social event, most of which have been open to the public) and allowing only Chamber members to post their brochures, cards, etc in the Chamber office for access by the public. If the city council still choses to cancel its membership, so be it, but do it for a good reason, not because some disgruntled businessman has complained.

Gayle Bartlett,

Chamber President