Courtesy photo

If you have walked through the County Park by the Court House, one might notice the Heart Shaped Flower Bed is now alive and full of color. Girl Scout Troop #1349 once again has taken on another flower planting job. Ridley’s donated all the flowers that were on the edge of death  and with some water and tender loving care, all were brought back to life. It took about two hours of planting and a few breaks in between to see which Scout could find the biggest earth worm.  The extra flowers left over were planted at Steptoe Valley High School, The Cove and Sculpture Park. According to Ernie Flangus, years and years ago when the jail was located at the courthouse, inmates would plant red, white and blue flowers and much later, courthouse employees would purchase the flowers and do the planting. There was also a star shaped flower bed that was located where the Library is now located. The Girl Scouts would like to thank Bill Calderwood and his crew from the County that prepared the flower bed for planting and Ridley’s for the generous donation of flowers and everyone else that contributed to this new addition to the community.7-24 Girl Scouts-1