(Courtesy photo) County Commissioners Gary Perea and Carol McKenzie help cut the ribbon of the new Lund Community Center on Aug.3.

(Courtesy photo)
County Commissioners Gary Perea and Carol McKenzie help cut the ribbon of the new Lund Community Center on Aug.3.

Three years ago, Carol McKenzie argued the importance of having a local computer lab and community center to the rest of the Lund Town Council. On Monday, she stood alongside fellow White Pine County Commissioner Gary Perea helping cut the ribbon to the Lund Community Center’s official grand opening. To McKenzie, the center’s opening represented an encouraging step forward for services offered to the town of Lund.

“It’s been about a year in planning but I’m very excited to see the Community Center now open,” she said.

The Lund Community Center is located inside the old grade-school building. The building, which is owned by the school district, was only used as storage for many years after the grade-school closed its doors. Now, one of the former classrooms houses three brand new computers with a high-speed internet connection that are open to the public, alongside a new library and conference room.

Lund Town Council member Lee Ringueberg said that the schedule for hours at the center are still being determined as it is all run by volunteers, but that the center will be open every Monday from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

“What we do is we have volunteers to open up the library and the computers. They are trying to figure out their schedule, but we haven’t gotten it all figured it out so far,” Ringueberg said.

All the books in the library are donated from those in the community.

“I’m really thankful for all the help the community has come through with. We are still looking for volunteers so we can keep the computer room open more,” Ringueberg continued.

“We’ve already had a bunch of people come and use the center, including a family reunion. It’s being used. We really needed something like this in this community other than the church. We needed a place to meet and this new center works great for that,” the councilwoman said.

The Lund Community center celebrated it’s opening with a free barbecue Monday that saw 30 people come out to check out the new facility. Kevin Hayes, from Arizona Nevada Towers Corp., had helped get the high-speed internet connection set up at the center. He said that seeing the ribbon being cut on Monday was “great fun” and that the entire celebration was an appropriate way to reward all the hard work that went into getting the place set up.

“We cooked up some hot dogs and hamburgers and everybody got to walk through the library and see the new computers for public use. It was a nice little event and it was good to see several county commissioners show up to show their support,” Hayes said.

For more information on the Lund Community Center, contact Lee Ringueberg at 775-238-5304.