(Courtesy photo)Wood Gather

Thanks to all volunteers for our Senior Wood Project. This helps seniors that do not have and can not afford to purchase wood on their own. There is still along way to go to reach our goal of 20 cords this year.  Our County Social Services is already taking applications for wood.  Please keep in mind we will not be delivering for sometime.  For those that still want to volunteer there will be many opportunities in the future. Helping with this year’s project were: Reginald Peterson, Mike Martinez, Elias Perez, Robert Perez, Sarah Bullis, Jeff Schmidt, Gregg Griffin, Clare Dishong, Madilyn Dishong, Johnathan Dishong, Riley Duval, Kimmie Moore, Tawny Ocean, Asya Long, Ruben Perez, Daniel Brown, Jacob Brown, Preston Brown, Mariam Brown, Julian Nieves, Logan Sheats.