To the Editor:

I would like to thank the people that worked on getting a library and computer lab in Lund.  Thank you for writing the story.  It is important for our community to have this in our town.  I am glad that the old school is being used for something so good.

Skylar Carter


Dear Editor,

I am an owner of a building downtown and pay property taxes. What I am seeing from the current commissioners is lack of sincerity when voting on taxes vs.  pay raises.

I attended part of the recent Strategic Budget Meeting open to the public. I was appalled that every department I was able to listen to was unable to cut anything. As a business owner on a budget you make it work with turning down heat or laying off a good employee.  You figure it out one way or go out of business.  Us business owners have to make the hard choices so pay raises at the county can be implemented?

One thing that stood out to me is something the County Clerk stated during the Strategic Budget meeting.  In her budget speech to the commissioners, she stated that her new employees make what took her six years to build up to. The jobs in the Clerk’s office are intricate and I would assume new employees need supervision to do the job for a number of months.

We should not be comparing Government salaries to Mining industry salaries because County employees don’t have (except the SO) swing shift. These gentlemen at the mine may be pulling a fourteen hour shift for 7 on 7 off. Also they work holidays missing priceless first and second Christmas and Thanksgiving of their children.

I attended two of the three hearings regarding the electrical franchise tax and spoke both times.  My main concern was the ranchers with pivots and well pumps originally. I am thinking they are all 1099 small business owners already paying more taxes than ever before. With this tax increase, all profit could go back to the government potentially.

The second hearing I mentioned that the mining industry is already paying a good fair share of taxes. With my husband, Victor Lopez working at the mine, this is a concern. We watch the price of copper.  First they took a hit in their cost of health insurance since it doubled with the Affordable Care Act.  Thank you, Robinson for not pushing those costs on your employees. It would have been easy to do so.

Now copper is down and trucks are being parked. Richard Howe, Laurie Carson and Gary Perea all voted to increase an already existing tax even though a Robinson representative came and spoke against the tax increase specifically saying they have parked 4 trucks and are planning on parking more.

Easier said than done, but maybe we should look at the income from the mine as a second income. Financially if a family lived on one pay and saved the other, money will be had in hard times. In this example put the mining industry as the second income.  That probably cannot be entirely done however as voting for increasing pay for elected officials isn’t the type of creative cutting “We the people” were talking about.

The county budget is in a deficit of over $600k. My question is how many people work at the County and make over one hundred thousand dollars a year.  Do the Financial Director and the Commissioners get paid even though we do not have a balanced budget? If so what are we paying these people for?

I have heard “Well people can’t make it on $10 an hour”.  What do you think the private sector does?  But wait. How can the private sector keep up with high wages and paid time off for their employees when they are hit with increasing taxes?  Call it a Fee if you like to sugar coat a tax.

Warm Wishes,

Betsy Lopez


740 Aultman St, Ste 1

Ely, NV 89301

To the Editor:

That young man walking around town with a cape, painted crosses on his face, is my son who was popular, well liked, captain of his football team, employee of the year, and bought his home at the age of 18 years old.

He had received a four year scholarship to play football at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. He decided to go to Presidio of Monterey Linguistic training. You have to be highly intelligent, for this program (Air Force).

My son developed mental illness in his early twenties. You don’t know how painful to have a family member with mental illness is. My son lost everything. People don’t understand unless their blessed with a family who does not suffer with this. These politicians running their mouths don’t even mention these people with mental problems and putting them in jail is not going to help them. They need more facilities to help these people. Majority of the homeless have mental problems.

Have some compassion for these people. I am Mexican-American born in Lompoc, CA and reside in Ely, NV. My name is Maria Christina Rodriguez Fitzner. My son’s name is Miakoda Fitzner, born in Santa Maria, CA and raised in Lompoc, CA and resides in Ely, NV

Thank you

Maria Christina Rodriguez Fitzner