Sometimes all it takes is a change of attitude to trigger a snowball effect. White Pine High School head football coach Quinn Ewell saw it happen first hand in the Bobcats first game of the season, a 50-0 road loss to Battle Mountain.

Ewell knew heading into the first game that his team’s road to victory would have to be a hard fought one this season. A disappointing number of players came out for tryouts, including several notable omissions from last years squad, so Ewell was left with a younger, less experienced squad. But spectators wouldn’t have known it watching the first quarter said the coach.

“We started the game playing competitively. We were going toe to toe with [Battle Mountain] the whole quarter,” the coach said.

Heading into the start of the second quarter, the Bobcats remained tied with the  Longhorns at 0-0. But then the snowball effect happened.

“We lost our character. As soon as the other team got their first score, our guys started turning on each other and we just lost control of the game,” Ewell explained.

It didn’t help that one of his fastest players was taken out of the game due to injury and another lost his cool and earned an ejection from the referees.

“We can’t have stupid stuff like that happen. If we are going to be successful this year, it is going to come as a team effort,” he said.

The Bobcats will remain on the road for three more games before returning to their home field. Next up on the schedule is  Laughlin, a team they beat 52-20 last year.