The 2015-2016 NFL season kicks off this week, and with it comes big action for local sport books and fantasy football players.

Vinny Magliulo of the Hotel Nevada live sports book said that the NFL season is the most popular betting option for locals and visitors from out of town at the casino. Now one year removed from its initial opening, Magliulo said that the sports book expects to draw in even more people than last year now that people are more accustomed to it and with the help of a new promotion.

“NFL is not only king for wagering, but it is the most popular sports betting option in Ely as we have seen, not only for locals but for people coming through. It’s been very well received. Now that there has been a full year of offerings, we expect even bigger numbers,” Magliulo said. “We are trying something new this season that we think the bettors in Ely will like. It’s called the ‘Dream for 15.’”

Offered as a new $5 parlay-style card at the sports book, bettors will pick any 15 betting options, from game winners to over/under to prop bets. If they can hit all 15, they will win $1,500. If no “Dream for 15” cards wins that week, the sports book will roll over 70 percent of the money collected and add it to the following week’s prize pool. The process will continue until someone wins it all.

Bettors can also place bets now on who they think will win the Superbowl, with the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks currently sitting as the favorites at 4 to 1.

But the start of the football season also means that fantasy football is back, and some local fans are looking to drafts and weekly trades instead of parlay cards and odds to win big. Head cook at Rack’s Bar and Grill Dave Fischer is the commissioner of a 10-person fantasy football league that held their draft inside the Hotel Nevada on Labor Day. To Fischer, picking his own team and playing against friends is where the fun of the season lies.

“Not many people will ever get to be the general manager of an NFL team, but having a fantasy football team is pretty close,” he said.