Leaning Bride Charter School

Tami Bybee is being honored as Learning Bridge’s Focus teacher for the month of August.

She creates phenomenal experiences in her classroom by using daily hands-on activities, as shown in the photograph. All students are challenged in all subject areas in a variety of ways. She keeps the curriculum engaging allowing students to lead and work as a team. She is always available to help other teachers and is always willing to share time and material. Bybee understands the importance of our Core Knowledge Curriculum and is an advocate to ensure Learning Bridge becomes a Core Knowledge Official School.

Bybee served as chairperson of the health curriculum committee and was instrumental in developing the school health curriculum for middle school students.

Her students are her top priority:  after school you can always find her working with students one on one.  Learning Bridge Charter School is lucky to have such an amazing person and superb professional for all to learn from.

Tami is a phenomenal teacher and an asset to our Charter School. Learning Bridge appreciates Bybee’s dedication to the children and vision of the school.9-18 LB Teacher1