They’ve had an extra week to practice, watch game tape, and make adjustments for some of the things they expect Mountain View to throw at them, now the White Pine High School Bobcats are almost done waiting. They just want to take their home field for the first time of the season and get a win.

“I think the waiting is the hardest part,” head coach Quinn Ewell said about his team. Coming off of back to back wins and a bye week, their wait is almost over, which has Ewell already feeling the difference from last year to this year’s team.

“They are all excited to finally get to be in front of a home crowd. I can tell there is more excitement in this team. They have had some success already so I challenged them to make this an incredible season,” Ewell said. “Getting a win at home would be the next step in the right direction for us.”

While Ewell said he expects to have the home field advantage, the head coach has been using the extra time provided by the bye week to come up with a game plan specific to handle some of the unique things Mountain View does.

“On offense, we’ve been working on our run game and how to block their tackles, studying the angles they take and how to get around that. On defense, we’ve been practicing to handle their sweep play which they like to use a lot,” the coach said.

The Bobcats will take the field against Mountain View at 7 p.m. on Friday. The team will get a second home game the weekend after for homecoming against Meadows.

Soccer Schedule

The girls soccer team will play at home against Pershing County at 3 p.m. on Friday. Both the boys and girls will play Battle Mountain on Saturday at home, with the girls starting at 11 a.m. and the boys starting at 1 p.m.