To the Editor:

Re: John Padilla

I will preface this with the fact that the undersigned are among the “regulars” at the aqua size classes at the White Pine Aquatic Center. Some come five days a week, some three days and others 1-2 times a week. Most pay for the monthly pass. All would not miss John’s class if they only came once a week. This is evidence by the number of ladies present in the pool. There are times when there would be little room for even one more.

John has always been professional in his aquasize instruction. He goes out of his way to match the music to each exercise, most of this done on his own time. He tries new things, movements and exercises to keep our sessions fresh, new, challenging and most of all fun. It is obvious that he enjoys his job, evidenced by his enthusiasm and joy he expresses with each class. In a day where most feel obligated to perform a job, he has been a breath of fresh air and his sessions are always eagerly anticipated.

It is therefore difficult to understand how someone of this caliber and integrity would be allowed to “get away”. Details/reasons not withstanding, we would just like to voice our disappointment at his leaving. Employees such as him are few and far between and the loss to the Aquatic Center will surely be felt.

Signed by a group of locals

To the Editor:

While legislators dwell on their next move, more than a few with two bit law degrees on the floor of the State legislature, the taxpayer is supposed to sit back and welcome their latest move to increase not only their days, comfortably spent in Carson City at taxpayer expense, but their salaries, as well, already plenty sufficient.

Up before the Legislature now is Senate Joint Resolution #8 (SJR8). It is not so confusing, as you get the picture moving ahead with dissent coming at a premium.

A voice in opposition, typically, is cut off at these sessions but not the loud mouth all in favor of it, which would allow your legislator to get more money for less work, instead, he or see would have you believe with much fervor that Senator Neal from Las Vegas is the biggest threat to Nevada since Captain Crunch, or a Veggie Burger. Neal, indeed, may be a dud politically, though a democrat in the best tradition of the party, still legislators would have you believe that that is somehow extremely important, while deviously plotting in a back room a move to increase their salaries at your expense.

Maybe they can take their act to the Treasure Island Casino, and drop off the high wire, but we’ve seen their act before — it wasn’t that good the first time.


Martin Bonetti

Fallon, NV