One thing we need to remember is our officials are human even though we hold them to a higher standard. Officials need to remember we do hold them to a higher standard.  This may not be fare, but a fact.

I expect an official to act in a honest, respectful manner. I know officials would like the same, but we need to talk to them in a direct fashion. We have 5 commissioners and they do not know what you need or want. Sometimes they don’t listen, keep talking.

Our officials need to ask us questions so we have some control in our lives and our community.  Some do ask questions, but not many and not often.

Please stay alert and participate in your community, ( your own life).

I feel this also true in boards and committees.

Northern Nevada Food Distribution is an important part of my and many others lives. I do take offense when there are false rumors being spread about this service. I do take them serious and personal.

When a person picks up for a shut-in, they must bring a note from that shut-in. This does not mean they are picking up for themselves.

There have been many who donate their time on this project : Bruce and Pat Setterstrom, Bunny Hill, Mike Coster, John Lamprous, the County Volunteer Fire Department, Gary Cook of the Ely Times, RSVP, people of the church, the tribe and many more. I do thank you all.