The Democrat meeting was short and started a little late. Even though I am a conservative, I enjoyed this meeting. Everyone voiced their thoughts openly, no one was criticized or put down.

After the meeting there was a discussion on the Constitution. Even though I disagreed with some of their ideas, I was able to understand why they felt the way they did. Sam Hanson made a comparison of sitting in a new car with the manual for a Model T. We have many documents that can seem to have out lived their usefulness, but this is not true. We need to go back and study them again. Everyone should have a Constitution and learn why it was written. The founding fathers had good reasons for everything. This took years to write, with much thought.

What does the Second Amendment say?


The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” There is much debate as to what this amendment means, due to its confusing wording.

Some people believe that the Second Amendment protects the rights of individual citizens to possess firearms, meaning that it would be unconstitutional for Congress to restrict this right in any way. However, there is also the states’ rights theory, which suggests that this amendment merely restricts Congress from passing any laws that would limit a state’s ability to defend itself, i.e. to have an armed militia.

In the case of United States v. Miller in 1939, the U.S. Supreme Court basically ruled that the amendment only applied to firearms that have “some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well-regulated militia….”

This ruling stood for nearly 70 years, until the Supreme Court reversed the decision in the case of The District of Columbia v. Heller. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that the amendment protected an individual’s rights to own firearms that are not connected to any military service. They also ruled that a firearm can be used for any lawful purpose, such as for use in self-defense in an individual’s own home.

GOP meeting was a horse of another color. Passions were running high. It was one sided and some people’s opinions were put down.

We were glad to hear the Bylaws committee was on the ball and making progress.

Getting a jump on next years fair was good, now don’t drop the ball.

The report on voter fraud was very interesting, but they only had accusations and no proof, no statements from citizens or candidates.

The web site to get the information provided …

This group had 22 months from the primary election in 2014 to get the records opened. Why now? Why do they not have the money? How much support do they really have? Always too many questions.

There are two things I have noticed in White Pine County

1. People vote against someone not for someone. So if you are a new name on the list, you will get votes.

2. There is a lack of interest or knowledge when it comes to voting. The voter is not informed and some prefer not to know.

I did take the time in the last month to ask people if they voted for Mike Monroe. You would be surprised how many did. Mostly, they did not know anyone of the four and voted for the easy name. I would like to suggest to the local GOP to be responsible for letting voters know who the candidates are. This should be done in the newspaper or on the radio.

I am glad only 4 people are going to peruse this action and do not feel the money should be spent. Bruce Setterstrom did express his thoughts with his no votes. If I were able to vote it would be a no vote.

Are the other counties giving money for this?

The meeting got out of control and chairman Mike Coster did bring it back.

All factions got along after the meeting, and went home happy.