Philosopher Camus wrote “Always go too far, because that’s where you will find the truth.

We all did miss George Chachas, he comes up with interesting things.

Has anyone heard anything about the hard choices the commissioners have to make? They have been very quite about the budget lately.

Fire Commission commented that repeated calls for help can be a problem, like the little boy calling wolf. People do need to remember the EMTs are there for emergencies, not for things you can go to the clinic for tomorrow. Mike Coster made a point about on site evaluation of the situation. Persons must remember calling for EMTs when not needed could cause someone who really needs help their life. Don’t call unless it is an emergency!

I do not know what insurance company/companies the county employs, but a department head should be able to ask questions and get answers. In this case we are talking about fire department buildings, equipment, etc and Brett Waters should have some say so.

HUD changing the manner of establishing new rules for low to moderate income does create a problem for the county. These new rules only have a small area north of the golf corse as qualifying. There is a question as to what low income and what moderate income is. How do we correct this. The county may have to hire a firm to recount and get up dated information. Just another cost.

Demolition of the Annex buildings is quite an undertaking and everyone was shocked with the bids. There is nothing close in price, $847,000. To $147,000. I agree with Mike Coster on this one, why such a big difference?

I have been in construction most of my life and someone missed the boat on this one. To be fair to all questions need to be asked and comparisons made. I have bad feelings about going by price.

Richard Howe’s question on time frame is a good one, but if both jobs go at one time the roads and confusion will be cleared in a shorter time. The two jobs may interfere with each other.

Airport Certification

This is a hard one. I do understand the reasoning for giving up the certification, but don’t fully agree. This is one thing we have that could bring business in to White Pine and because money went elsewhere we lose it bit by bit. Did anyone compare the cost of fixing it now and bring it up to standard later when the grandfathered items must be replaced or moved?

One thing keeps coming to mind, could there be a private group who would be interested in coming in? If so would this be good?

The scope and duties of County Commissioners as Liaison is a very important subject. Evidently there was a problem and Richard Howe brought this up to get the proper cooperation from other commissioners when dealing with departments. It is quite valuable to know these things. It should be in writing not just understood and I believe along with ethics this would not be a problem.

In Public Comment the subject of how the selection of board or Committee members are chosen. I know there is a new form for applicants to fill out, but does this indicate any knowledge of the committees job. I know we need lots to board members, please apply, but know what the board is about and who you represent .