By Julie Krch

Learning Bridge Charter School

Learning Bridge Charter School uses Core Knowledge as the school curriculum. Included in the curriculum is the study of Ancient Greece for 2nd and 6th grade. Our teachers have facilitated students’ learning as they teach the geography of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and the Persian Wars. The students studied Greek Myths and the great thinkers of the time, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The students also learned about the legacy of ideas brought forth from Ancient Greece. Learning Bridge  2nd and 6th grades celebrated the end of their Ancient Greek unit by combining grade levels for “Olympics Games.” The students threw javelins, and discus, ran sprints, jumped hurdles, and ran laps around the track. Jamie Lawrence 6th grade and Kristy Sedlaeck 2nd grade teachers organized the fun filled educational event. Beverly Cornutt, Caryn Hellmann, Sarah Hall and Tracey Everett helped with the event. Learning Bridge would like to thank White Pine County High School for allowing Learning Bridge to use the high school football field and track for such an educational morning.2nd & 6th Grade Olympics