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Brigette Bath-Barney is a Speech-Language Pathologist for the Early Childhood Program and Lund schools. She was first hired in 1996 and has worked with several grades throughout the years. Brigette graduated from UNR and then Northern Arizona University with her graduate degree. Brigette has served as the Science Fair Coordinator and co-coordinator for several years, as she has a strong belief in hands on learning as a way to teach scientific method and to promote self learning. She has been very active and instrumental  in the success of the community soccer program outside of her job. She has coached most youth sports after school and volunteers for committees

Judee Schaley is a skilled trade speech-language professional for the Early Childhood Program for WPCSD. She has been with the district since 1997. Judee is a graduate of UNLV and has been an absolute blessing to the children of White Pine County schools. Judee knows no “job description” as she is always the first to jump in and assist. She is a problem solver and has a special connection with children, parents and staff. Judee has been called “the kid whisperer” by her co-workers. She is a natural educator and leader who goes above and beyond every day.

Cathy Beckwith is a very dedicated employee. She treats every student, parents and staff member as an important part of our school. For the staff, parents, and students, she is more than just a secretary. Most of the students at the school view her as a grandmother, the parents view her as an advocate for their child, and the staff as a competent administrative assistant and a friend that gives good advice. when she notices a student that needs new shoes or clothes, she sees that they get those things. She puts her whole heart and soul into everything that she does. She takes initiative and doesn’t need close supervision. She takes great pride in her work and in our school. If there is one word that describes her approach to her job it would be passionate.

Mrs. Beckwith is a positive influence on the culture of our school and is highly regarded by fellow staff members, parents, students and administration.

Tylar Laity has begun his fourth year as a middle school math teacher. During his time here, he has introduced teachers and students to math gaming sites, the use of technology for more engaged student learning and has tackled being part of our two-person Math Department this year. He has helped extend our Beyond Blended Learning Model to all of our math students this year, including sixth grade.

Tylar is the chair of the school’s technology committee and has played a critical role in our implementation of 1:1 devices for all students. Tylar’s youthfulness often reminds us of what students need today. He chaperones dances and is often surrounded by kids who want to dance with Mr. Laity’s group dance. If it is March Madness, Mr. Laity is one of the main participants in playing sports and games with the kids that builds strong, positive relationships with all. He is friendly. He is passionate about students learning and he loves to give to the greater student culture by coaching high school girls soccer and assisting with high school girls basketball.

With a passion for hunting and learning how to be a responsible hunter, Tylar got his dad’s help and brought archery to the middle school last spring. This fall, it is one of the major units on our PE program. He saw an opportunity and took action. That is Tylar.

Courtesy photo Four local teachers who were honored by the Ely Lions Club are Brigette Bath-Barney, Judee Schaley, Cathy Beckwith and Tylar Laity.

Courtesy photo
Four local teachers who were honored by the Ely Lions Club are Brigette Bath-Barney, Judee Schaley, Cathy Beckwith and Tylar Laity.