Special to The Ely Times

Miss Curvy USA, is an opportunity for the first time in Nevada, to showcase and celebrate curves, the average size of most American women is a 10, and most pageants have a set standard size. This pageant is to empower women to be comfortable with who they are. Two candidates for Miss Curvy USA are from Ely, a mother and daughter team, Bonnie Griffith, age 23, Division Miss Curvy, and platform is animal welfare. Kathryn Griffith, age 40, Division Mrs. Curvy, and platform Environmental Outreach. They hold different divisions and do not compete against each other, instead they support one another for each challenge. They first heard of the competition from friends on social media and thought it would be an opportunity plus sizes don’t have every day.

“I’ve always have wanted to be in Miss America, and as I grew older, I realized those ladies were not my size. It was kind of a let-down, but after I heard about Miss Curvy, I told my daughter we should give it a try.” says mother Kathryn. “We do struggle with travel expenses trying to get to Reno for every competition, we make the ones we can, all the ladies who are candidates are nice and we have so much fun with every challenge.” Everything is held in the Washoe County area, and the mother-daughter duo travel the 320 miles, or five hours, for all the challenges they are able to attend, sometimes making the trip in one day (640 miles). Challenges consist of workshops, photoshoots, and on-screen delivery. The two candidates find this pageant of great importance to empower women and build confidence, including, being able to say, ‘I may be of a plus size, however, I am comfortable with who I am and my body size.’ The public is greatly encouraged to support all candidates, including voting on social media sites (https://www.facebook.com/MissCurvyUSA) for their favorite candidate on the various  challenges, to do this, go to Miss Curvy USA, Reno and like the page. Then you are able to find the challenge pictures and like the candidate pictures of your choice for a challenge vote. You are able to find out additional information about the pageant at the Miss Curvy USA website www.misscurvyusa.com. The pageant will take place in Reno, NV inside the Eldorado, Nov. 21 from 2-5 p.m.

The two candidates are proudly sponsored by the Club Rio, which is involved with bringing great entertainment to Ely, and a great place to enjoy a game of pool, and relax. And the Ely Shoshone Tribe, which is a self-governed, federally recognized tribe which holds an annual Fandango, event yearly, and owns the Silver Sage Travel Center. Both Miss Curvy USA candidates, visit their sponsors on a daily basis, whether it’s to fill their tank, enjoy tasty food, or unwind with fabulous entertainment, those two ladies know where the best places in town are, and thank their sponsors immensely.