Philosopher Camus wrote “Always go too far, because that’s where you will find the truth.

Commissioners – Where are the hard choices we were promise?

Tourism – What happened to the signage committee?

The GID really impressed me the minute I walked in. They were having a ethics and procedure class. This is important to all boards.

If you become delinquent in paying your water bill, can you afford a $35.00 fee to turn it on again?

The lower base usage rate should not be a big deal to most people. Just cut your usage by taking a shorter shower.

Tourism Meeting

All members appeared to have gotten a good nights sleep.

I am glad Ed put an end to a rumor. Rumors do need to be taken care of quickly, if left to linger they seem to become fact!

The approval of the Christmas Dinner with no charge is a good one. The library should have been handled in the same way. Question, is there any guide lines as to who gets the free card and who does not? I believe there should be so other organizations does not think they need the facilities free.

Installing the demand controller is a must. I wonder if other city and county buildings have them.

I am afraid I was not aware of how much the revenue room tax provides to the Tourism Board, $409,000.00 does seem like a lot.

The NSS 75th anniversary convention being held in Ely next year will bring revenue to White Pine County and Ely.

Please join us from July 16-23, 2016 in Ely, Nevada as we celebrate our past 75 years and look forward into the future of caving.

Welcome to the Great Basin of the American West!

I did not hear anything about the signage committee. I hope they are working hard. We need signs, please do not drop the ball!

Ely City Council

Why is the city fire department maintaining the county trucks? I know agreements and contract between the county and city are hard to come by. There seems to be very little cooperation between the two. This may be a good thing. The county needs money and the city seems to be doing fine, no…the roads are a mess.

A full time inspector for a four week job at $10,000 seems a little over kill. This seems to me an inspection 3 times a week would cover things, or inspections at different stages.

We can thank the council for not voting for a landscaping ordnance. This is a nice western town and should not look like anything else. This ordnance would only add expense to new business.