Philosopher Camus wrote “Always go too far, because that’s where you will find the truth.”

Intent – The reason for this article is to keep the community informed as to what the local governing bodies are talking about and adding my opinion.

There are 5 people we have elected to run White Pine County and they are responsible for all expenditures. The payroll amounts are one of the greatest expenses and need to be cut. The county owns property that needs to be put back on the tax rolls.  There have been suggestions in many other areas as well.

This is a post from October 27, 2014, posted by commissioner Mike Coster.

Has anything changed?

Update from Wednesday’s White Pine County Commission meeting:

The County started the budget year planning to spend $843,000 more than we had in revenue.  The $843,000 will be taken from our $6 Million County unrestricted general fund balance (long terms savings).  That is a lot more than usual, and that was just the start.

The budget situation has gotten worse.  As of September 20, 1/4 of the way through the year, the budget now forecasts OVER $1.2 Million reduction in County unrestricted fund balance.  In this one year alone, $1.2 Million of the $6 Million of money held in reserve will be spent.

If you spend MORE than you take in, that is overspending.  Now we have almost a 50% increase in overspending.

Can a current County Commissioner say we are in sound financial shape?

Managing the budget is the Commission’s #1 responsibility.  With two Commissioners up for reelection, how do you think we are doing?”

Commissioners – don’t keep people guessing, make some hard choices.

Library Board meeting…. The management of the library is quite concerned about the up coming county cuts. They feel they are the first to be cut. I agree that a 10% cut would hurt not only the library but the community. Just think if the library is closed on Fridays. Lori has asked you to talk to the commissioners.

I have experienced some of the same problems as George with notifications of meetings.

Report on Cherry Creek

I am very glad Cherry Creek now have a clear road. Even if known who placed the debris there, proving it is a different story. My question is why would someone be so childish to do it in the first place and what gain did they get. If you go to all the trouble of clearing debris form the area, why put it in the road?

Roads around Bold Mountain

We need to cooperate with the mining Industry. Knowing Bill Miller, he will have all under control in no time.

Ely Bus

I’m sorry to see our bus service is having problems. This is a necessity for our community. Wish we had more buses and the money to run them.

Sage Grouse – LUPA

Being a complaint in a lawsuit is serious and can cost the county in lawyer fees. This is being looked in to, did the commissioners vote for this or just some Financial support of the action. None of the commissioners recalled what they voted for. Humm!

Park improvement

An amphitheater would be a nice touch. Could it be made functional for other purposes than a place to sit and view the duck pond? How about movies in the park.

Administration Building

The idea of removing the words Ely Times from the Administration Building is a good one, why did it take this long? I will agree parking can be a problem, but don’t seem to be around when it is. Handicap parking is definitely something worth looking in to.

11th Street, I have been told NDOT has stopped some of the improvements the city had in mind on 11th.

New assistant for the Aquatic Center

I like how Richard Howe states his opinion on things, I only wish he would vote the way he talks. The commissioners should not be hiring anyone at this time. Department Heads are salary and know their work does not end at 40 hours. The pool has cut hours and now needs another assistant. Richard Howe did go by other commissioners wishes, please vote what you feel.

Carol McKenzie I also know what I need, the Community knows what they need. The main need is to stop spending, think of who you represent and not appease county department heads and employees.

At least one commissioner stood by what he said and voted no.

New business to the county

I have heard good things about Killian Technologies. This company has interesting ideas and money to get started. What an asset this could be to White Pine.

Loans for fire trucks

I do think we need to support McGill and Ruth in acquiring fire trucks. There are many questions as to the County making these loans. Does the county make a profit? Are they allowed to make a profit? Does this take business away from other businesses? Will there be future loans? What requirements will the county have for loans to others?

Once again I must thank our District attorney for paying attention to details. He just might keep this group of elected official out of trouble.