McDonald’s in Ely will be unveiling a new, unique dining experience called Create Your Taste burger.

With the new Create Your Taste burger, diners will be able to customize their burgers with all of their favorites, from the bun to the cheese to the toppings to the condiments.

The Create Your Taste burger is not like anything on the current McDonald’s menu, and adds a variety of choices that are all new to the McDonald’s restaurant menu. In addition to the traditional sesame seed bun, diners have options like artisan breads and ciabatta rolls. More cheese selections, such as, pepper jack, sharp cheddar and Swiss as well as American. The biggest change is the list of condiments. In addition to ketchup, mustard or Big Mac sauce, diners can make choices like guacamole or Sriracha mayonnaise. And there will be more favorites for you to choose from.

It’s the whole new dining experience that is different, not just the food.  The Create Your Taste ordering is all done on a large touchscreen in the restaurant lobby.  A series of menu options will allow you to customize your burger and meal just the way you want.  Diners will be issued a buzzer and then asked to seat themselves.  When the Create Your Taste order is done, one of the McDonald’s staff members will deliver the order to your table.  It will feel like a dine-in restaurant with great food.

The unveiling for Create Your Taste burger will be held on November 16th.  Stop by McDonald’s in Ely to enjoy a whole new experience!