To The Editor:

As a previous long time resident of White Pine County it very much pains me to see and hear of the tragedies in the previous months. Even worse, having been very good friends with one. And yet throughout all the pain and tears, suffering and heartache going on, there is still another sliver causing me serious distress about current situations! Unfortunatley, its the utter ignorance and blunt idiocracy of some people and the way they comment or make statements on the topics. Please understand that these are opinions of mine and mine alone. Whether or not people have similar interests are upon them. Please know now that this is also in no way stating or claiming all individulas in the county are this same way. Coming from someone with the same mindset as some and on many occaisions laughed and joked about the exact reason. Its not easy being totally different then whats considered “Normal” in what is White Pine County. On this I am 100% positive is truth, as I spent most of my time involved in theatre. The theatre department known as The White Pine Players is definitely small. But we make one heck of and advertisment team when working together. We had fun and spent our free time dressed in Period Outfits and would go along town and through the halls of the school. Both of which we were given weird looks, embarrassed looks, rude/offensive looks, and some looks that were just plain mean. But add onto that the comments given. Comments that would stab through your heart like a dagger. Both in and out of school we were given looks. As a young adult, it occurs to me that many of the looks and comments I have recieved by middle aged men and women in my teenage years about the costumes, Department Shirts, or different things I wore, were in no way nourishing to a young person. You start feeling like you cant go anywhere. Too many people you know, who was have spoken negatively about you in the past may just be where you are going. Its a small town. Yet we have our Sanctuary. Our Second Home. Our T.A.R.D.I.S. Our Theatre. We would spend all our time there. Preparing for a show to perform in front of a small town. As one of these actors I have personally found a form of safety with the theatre and I would spend most my time preparing for and performing in the shows. But after a year or so, I began to notice how many of our audience we performed for, would themselves be wearing masks. It started to create feelings of despair for me. I hated when we had no show going on. I hated the after of our shows. I began feeling trapped. There was not much I could do. My family did well to get by but, we didnt have ATVs or dirtbikes. I made the friends I made and Video games, Doctor Who, and nights of bacon and movies would be my social life but they were very short periods of time. Then it would be back to feeling trapped. We tried our hardest to fit in. But we were just too different. Too many closed minded individuals. A castle cant stand forever if always being hit by rocks. We were too young to go anywhere or do anything. Some of the parents were more of petty children then respectable adults. What could we do? 4 hours on each side was the closest exit to humanity. Now dont get me wrong, I love fishing, I love camping, I am 100% for hunting and hope to go soon. But kids like us are different. We need to escape sometimes. But again… we were too young. We were stuck on the inside begging for a way out. Pleading for peace. Quiet, and sanity.

The ignorance I have stated are the few who make comments to make comments. the same people whom we see every day wearing a mask.

We ask for nothing but for love, respect, and an open mind until we can leave.

Aric Bodemier