Former Nevada Teacher of the Year will be speaking and signing his newest book at Learning Bridge Charter School, Tuesday November 24.  Michael Soliday a former teacher from McGill, will be our guest at Learning Bridge as he describes how and why he began writing.

Mr. Soliday was born deaf with incomplete cochlea.  He wore hearing aids until he received a cochlea implants three years ago.

Michael has taught for over 30 years with ten of those years as a 4th grade teacher in McGill, while he was living in White Pine County he began the elementary and high school soccer program. He taught for six years in Guam where he adopted a deaf boy, Paul, who is currently attending RIT in Rochester, NY. His book entitled “Keltians Warriors” is a science fiction book about a group of aliens who invade the Earth and a group of middle school students who find ways to outsmart the aliens and save the Earth.

He first thought of the story on the island of Guam with a friend, who was an English teacher.  Soliday states, “ We met once a week to build on the story.  We did that for a year until he got sick and was not able to continue. The story stuck with me until one rainy day in Texas I decided to start writing it.  I couldn’t stop.”  Michael thought it would be just one book but it has become a Trilogy.

Everyone is welcome to visit Learning Bridge and listen to Mr. Soliday discuss his book and tell stories of his life in Guam.

He is currently living in Iowa and has had book signings at Barnes n Noble in that area as well as on his way to Ely is stopping in St. George for another B & N signing.

Please call the school at 289-3500 for further information concerning exact time of presentation.11-20 Learning Bridge Author1