On Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchinson visited Ely during one of his stops on a rural tour. Hutchinson is one of the few state executives that regularly come to the rural areas. He spoke with The Ely Times and touted several accomplishments in the brief period he has served.

Economic development is a very high priority to Hutchinson and he has been directly involved in bringing new business to Nevada. He is a strong supporter of the rural areas of the state and said more incentives are available for businesses to locate in Nevada. The state is improving in that area, and he is very willing to help overcome hurdles that might stand in the way of business growth in areas such as Ely. He was very passionate when talking about economic growth in ALL areas of Nevada.

He is the Nevada state chairman and the national vice-chairman for the Aerospace States. In the past 10 months, Nevada has focused on luring companies that are tied to aerospace, including drone manufacturers and drone testing.

Hutchinson stated they have had great success in bringing these companies to Nevada with strong incentives as well as the availability of the space needed for testing. Another strong category has been aircraft repair and servicing. Nevada has a strong presence of private aircraft that fly in and out, as well as many pilot (and planes) that call Nevada home. In the past, they would have their aircraft serviced outside the state because of the tax that Nevada had on aircraft parts. The state implemented tax abatement on aircraft parts and now has over ten new companies that have located in Nevada and offering service and repairs.

Hutchinson was recently named as a commissioner to the state Homeland Security. With terrorism in the forefront of the news these days, this commission is very important to Nevada. The commission determines how the federal funds that Nevada receives are spent. Hutchinson said the safety of all Nevadans is high priority, and as a state with many tourist attractions, it’s important to insure a secure environment as well as provide a great experience to the many visitors to Nevada as well.

Hutchinson talked about how Nevada’s great efforts in tourism are moving forward. China has been a huge market for Nevada tourism. Currently, more than 70 percent of visitors from China that visit California continue on to Nevada. That’s an overwhelming number of visitors, and a great accomplishment.

As our time ended, it’s obvious we could have gone on for hours. In the end, it’s very apparent that Hutchinson is excited about Nevada — All of it!