White Pine County Cinderella Scholarship Program had its annual pageant October 24 2015.


Overall tiny tot- Abigail Bradley

Overall tot- Stella Sedgwick

Overall Mini Miss- Madison Nicholes

Overall Miss- Hayley Smalley

Overall Woman- Sonja Henderson

Most Photogenic tot- Alexis Chandler and Samantha Smalley

Tot Beauty- Izzibelle Parker and Allannah Brown

Tot personality- Natia Russell

Mini Miss Beauty- Emma Parmely

Miss talent- Naimoie Brown

Miss Beauty- Auriana Green

Woman score card- Sabrina Nelson

Thank you to our Judges- Danielle Snow, Ashleigh DeSteunder, Melinda Homan, Amber DeSteunder, Kristine Aderman

Thank you to White Pine Middle School for letting us use the gym.

All of these winners will now have the opportnity to go to the state Pageant in June 2016.

This is a natural pageant that emphasizes on inner beauty and confidence.

For more information you may contact the director Jill DeSteunder at 289-6532.12-4 Cinderella Girls-B&W