Submitted by the White Pine Sheriff’s Office for Nov. 23-Nov. 24. Information and spellings of names contained in the blotter are as released by the WPCSO. Information will not be withheld at the requests of persons whose names appear in the blotter or elsewhere in the newspaper that are released by law enforcement agencies that include the WPCSO, Nevada Highway Patrol, Ely Shoshone Tribal Police and other local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies.


Report of a 911 hangup — officer contacted the occupants of the business and no problems were located.

Report of a fraud—reporting party stated that someone had gained access to her debit card and made an unauthorized purchase. Investigation continues.

Report of a dog bite —reporting party stated that her dog had bit her. The reporting party received medical attention at the E.R.

Report of a death—officer reported that Kenneth B. Aubertin, age 48, of Ely died at his residence of natural causes.

Report of an accident—Dusten Olson of Ely was operating a vehicle traveling on Aultman Street. Nicole Anderson of Ely was operating a vehicle traveling on Aultman Street and was turning onto 9th street. As she did so she failed to yield to Oslon causing an accident. An accident report was completed and Anderson was issued a citation for failure to yield.

Report of a found cell phone—the owner of the phone was contacted and it was returned to her.

Report of a dog problem—officer received a report of a dog who had gotten tangled in a fence. The dog was released from the fence and taken to the City Dog Pound.

Report of a parking problem—officer contacted the owner of the vehicle and advised him to remove it from the private drive.

Report of a juvenile problem—reporting party stated that while her juvenile daughter was attending school she was kicked by another student.  Officer documented the incident and advised the reporting party to report the incident to school officials.


Report of a domestic disturbance—officer received a report of a domestic battery that had taken place. During the officer’s investigation Zakkary S. Gregersen, age 22, of Ely was arrested for domestic battery. He is accused of battering his wife.

Report of a shoplifter—officer received a report of a juvenile who had stolen several items from a local store. The juvenile along with his mother were contacted and a report was sent to Juvenile Probation.

Report of a truancy—officer reported that the student was issued a citation for truancy and a report was sent to Juvenile Probation.

Report of an accident—Christian Bennett of Ely was operating a vehicle and was backing up. He failed to see a vehicle behind him belonging to Vincente Ramirez of Ely. Bennett’s vehicle struck Ramirez’s vehicle causing damage. An accident report was completed and Bennett was issued a citation for unsafe backing.

Report of a found bike—officer located the owner of the bike and it was returned to him.

Report of possible child abuse—officer reported that during his investigation the report was determined to be unfounded.

Report of a theft—reporting party stated that someone has been stealing wood from her shed. The incident was documented.

Report of a welfare check—officer received a report to do a welfare check on several children. The children were checked and were fine. The babysitter was found to be in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He was issued a citation for the violations.

Report of a 911 hangup—officer contacted the caller who had accidently called the number.

Report of a person laying in the roadway—The area was patrolled, but no one was located.

Report of an arrest—officer reported that during a traffic stop Jazz J. Williams, age 25 of Las Vegas was arrested for possession of marijuana and illegally parking in a roadway.

New bookings—Zakkary S. Gregersen/ Domestic battery / Bail $3,145. /Jazz J. Williams / Illegally parking in a roadway and possession of marijuana / Bail $15,000./Danule R. Pope/ Serving time