12-11 Food Bank1A little history and facts about the program provided by Northern Nevada Mobile Pantry.

Wayne Cameron from the Chamber had heard about the program and met with Jenny Yeager, program director. Jenny came to Ely and said this was a good location for a food distribution.

The first distribution  was set up at the Elk Lodge. Wayne called me and asked if RSVP could help hand out the food. Always eager to help, I had no problem getting many volunteers to help.

After the distribution Jenny asked if I would find a location and head the program. I contacted Pastor Rick at the First Baptist Church. Paster Rick agreed and we have worked together to provide this service to the county.

How it works. The recipients of the food must fill a form including finanical information and family size. This information is sent to NN headquarters as none of the information is kept in Ely.  Jenny and her group monitor the information and notify Pastor Rick or myself of anyone not qualifying for the distribution and they are removed from the list.

I give special thanks to Wayne Cameron, Pastor Rick and all who give their time to volunteer.