Have you no shame, Harry Reid? Is there no tragedy, no calamity that you won’t exploit for your political demagoguery and use to besmirch honest and sincere people whose only shortcoming is disagreeing with you and your liberal ilk?

Mere days after a deranged gunman killed three people at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility, Reid used the shooting as an excuse to press House Republicans to disband a committee investigating allegations that some Planned Parenthood operations had improperly handled fetal tissue from abortions performed by the organization.

“We should not fail to see the context in which this vile assault took place. Last summer, a right-wing group began releasing videos with unsubstantiated allegations. Since that time the Republican Congress have made it their mission to push these unsubstantiated allegations,” Nevada’s senior senator has been quoted as saying, apparently missing the point entirely that the committee is merely trying to “substantiate” what is documented on videotape to be Planned Parenthood officials attempting to illegally profit from trafficking in fetal tissue and organs, failing to obtain patient consent for harvesting fetal tissue and changing abortion procedures to provide valuable intact organs.

Reid later lectured his fellow lawmakers that they “must be mindful of our words and our actions. We bring people into a frenzy of hate and anger while providing them with easy access to firearms has proven disastrous for our country.”

This is an outrageous libel against pro-lifers whose objective is to preserve life. Reid’s objective is to stifle all speech but his own vitriolic rhetoric that he sprays with abandon and without regard for logic or sensibilities.

Apparently, people with legitimate concerns about whether their tax dollars are supporting illegal, questionable or immoral behavior must remain mum lest some crackpot, as Reid presumes is the case, might use it as an excuse to go on a shooting spree.

As for the frenzy of hate and anger, Reid’s rambling diatribe on this topic posted on his Senate website uses the word Republican 17 times — all for leveling base accusations and saying the party members are politically motivated, when it is Reid who is pitifully pandering to his and Obama’s political base. He used the occasion to scattergun his attack on Republicans over the Benghazi committee, Syrian refugees and gun control in general.

“It is appalling how many times I have had to make this plea, but I say to my Republican colleagues yet again, join with us in passing sensible gun safety reforms,” Reid daid. “Help us keep guns away from people intent on using them to slaughter innocent people.”

Reid’s linkage of the shooting and the Planned Parenthood probe is a non-sequitur. It is like saying a bank audit should be called off because of a robbery. There is no connection, no linkage, no rationale whatsoever, just more Reid smearing and attempting to silence heartfelt concerns. — TM