Dear Editor,

My name is Victor Schultz, I am in 7th grade and I attend Covenant Christian School in Mishawaka, Indiana. In my class we are reading A Walk Across America, where, as you know, Peter Jenkins walks across the United States to find out what the U.S. is really about. Each student has been assigned a state of our choice to do a lengthy report on. I chose the state of Nevada because I heard about it from a documentary on Area 51 and did some homework and found out more about your beautiful state.

I was hoping this letter may be published int he paper and I am requesting readers of the Ely Times, to mail me postcards and letters about what they appreciate or admire about their state. This would help me very much in my research. I thank you very much for using your precious time to read my letter. My contact info: Victor Schultz, 54799 Fir Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545.


Victory Schultz