Roger Dunnavant has been nominated at the Teacher of the Month for David E. Norman Elementary. There are many fine teachers at D.E.N., but Mr. Dunnavant is one of the few who rates the honor of “highly effective” in the new, rigorous NEPF rubic scale.

Mr. Dunnavant’s planning and preparation for his students is exceptional. His content knowledge, student understanding, and designing instruction are performed in such a way that the students are the ones working during the lesson. Because of his good student management, he allows them the freedom to participate in their learning instead of feeding them information. This has affected his students’ test scores positively because they understand and remember what they practice in his class.

He has a natural instinct for public speaking. His questions range from low to high levels of Blooms producing a rigorous learning environment. Additionally, he creates personal relationships within the room helping his students buy into his lessons and their own learning. Though rigorous, the classroom is inviting and friendly. It is a safe place for students to learn. Additionally during those moments in which students are struggling or lacking engagement, his infectious energy and enthusiasm provide encouragement which changes the mood of the room. This characteristic of “withitness” is not easy to acquire and is a large part of the ART of good teaching.

Finally, he is a strong leader among his coworkers. He takes a lead in fifth grade, works extensively with Union leadership, and is a sounding board when there’s a need for a clear voice from the teacher perspective. He models professional values as he leads, mentors, and promotes integrity within D.E.N. staff culture.

Mr. Dunnavant was born in Midland, TX but grew up in Fresno, CA and Tucson, AZ. After high school he attended Bethany University and received a BA in pastoral ministry. After graduating college he pastored for 19 years, 5 in Kingman, and 14 in Overton, NV. During this time he continued his education and received a Master of Arts in Education. As a teacher he taught elementary grades 2, 4, and 5 in Las Vegas as well as teaching at an online schools, a private high school, and serving as an extension professor for Bethany University. He also served on the fire dept. for 16 years as a fire fighter, captain and 6 years as a chief.

Mr. Dunnavant has two adult children, Adriane and Ben, both living in Las Vegas. His mother and two older brothers live in Tucson.

Currently Mr. Dunnavant is in his third year as a fifth grade teacher at D.E.N. He  serves as the President-Elect for the White Pine Association of Classroom Teachers. Occasionally he travels to Las Vegas where he works for Maverick Helicopter performing weddings in various locations that are only accessible by helicopter.

Courtesy photo Pictured Principal Cammie Biggs, Roger Dunnavant, Bob Switzer.

Courtesy photo
Pictured Principal Cammie Biggs, Roger Dunnavant, Bob Switzer.