By Dave Maxwell

Special to the Times

An Ohio man was found dead Jan. 3 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to the head at the Pony Springs rest stop about 25 miles north of Pioche on U.S. 93.

County Sheriff Kerry Lee said a couple going hunting in the Ely area, passed by a vehicle parked at the rest stop.  “On their way back, a day or so later,” Lee said, “about 11:30 a.m., they saw the same vehicle still sitting there, pulled in to check on it, and called the Sheriff’s office to report a suspicious vehicle.”

While investigating, the couple found the vehicle was a Chevy four-door passenger car with Ohio plates.  Lee said, “The reporting person noted the left side passenger window looked like it had been shot out, and also found the body of a white male, believed to be in his 40’s, slumped over against the driver’s side door… and a .45 caliber firearm nearby. The woman with the reporting party was a nurse, and said the person appeared to be dead.”

Deputies were sent to the scene at 12:15 p.m. to confirm the person in the vehicle was deceased. A check of the license plate number found the vehicle was registered to James Anthony Wasacz, 44, of Columbus, Ohio.

Lee said Wasacz was known to have been in Nevada for a little while, having recently been in Reno, as well as other places across the U.S. “Why he chose Pony Springs, we have no idea. There was no note or other information on his person, and very little luggage.”

The body was taken to the Clark County Coroner’s office where identification was verified.