To the Editor:

As a stranger passing through your town, being both snow-bound and strapped for cash by a temporary cash flow problem, I was forced to move through your streets under the power of my two feet. This allowed me the opportunity to meet a number of very friendly and helpful local residents.

I would like to note three business owners in particular – George, at the Radio Shack, was unfailingly kind to his regular customers and exceedingly patient with my newbie, tech-related questions. Peggy and her brother Randy at The Wizard of Ahhs were great conversationalists and led me straight to the rescue pottery of Jennifer Messina, which had been the reason I returned to Ely after my first visit in 2008.

Finally, Chris and Cynthia at the Loneliest Gift Shop in America, who took kindness and refined negotiating skills to new heights. I promised all of these kind folks that I would return within two years, and I do my very best to keep my promises.

All the best in 2016 to the wonderful town of Ely, NV.


Gary Hicks


To the Editor:

How can we know about such a cataclysmic event is happing: one positive way is being well informed to strong biblical signs; and world events daily: the scriptures teach in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established: several people are coming forth saying they have heard the Trump of God.

1st Thessalonians: 4th Chapter; 16th Verse. Our day being similar to Noah’s? Tells us of violence and corruption: war and unfaithfulness headlines news reports; also magazines and etc.

The divine word speaks concerning all of this; yet there is other events that are going to happen: faith and great expectation on our part is needed: other verses shows a new heaven and a new earth is a definite fact in our future.

Revelation: 21st Chapter – 1st Verse. In knowing this we can rejoice and be more watchful with a holy life, a changed heart, given over to Divine intent instead of natural; and receive Eternal Life coming from God:

P.S. Mark: 13th Chapter: 36th Verse: Watch: Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.

Mr. Roy W. Hunt

Wintersville, Ohio 43953