Learning Bridge Charter School is announcing National School Choice Week, from January 23rd through the 30th.

Charter schools are independent public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative, while being held strictly accountable for improving student achievement.  Charter schools are always public schools and are always tuition-free.  These schools are created in different ways, depending on state law.  Some are opened by school districts, while others are opened my mayors, universities, and nonprofit groups.  Learning Bridge and most of the Nevada charter schools were chartered by State Public Charter School Authority of Nevada.

Learning Bridge is accountable for its governance, academics and financial success. We are held to high standards and accountability by our stakeholders, Nevada Revised Statutes, Legislative Council Bureau, Nevada Department of Education and the State Public Charter School Authority.  The charter school system of Nevada is the third largest district in the state.

A tour of our facility, coffee and doughnuts will be available at the school, January 26th from 8:30A.M. until 10:30A.M.  If you are interested in touring and finding out more about Learning Bridge or charter schools please come by or call 289-3500.

Courtesy photo Students enjoying time at the library.

Courtesy photo
Students enjoying time at the library.