On Monday, Jan. 18, an English artist met with the President of the Ely Renaissance Society at the Art Bank, and the City of Ely moved one step closer to its next mural.

Mixed media artist Carolina Shrewsbury presented her concept to Virginia Terry for the new mural, which will depict Absalom Lehman inside of his namesake cave. Shrewsbury, now based in Chattanooga, Tenn., considers herself a speleo-artist, or cave specialist.

Matt Bowers, chairman of the National Speleological Society’s 2016 Convention, to be held in Ely in July, said he was impressed by the city’s mural collection, but felt something was missing.

“Each place we go we try to leave a tribute,” he said. “In Ely, the obvious contribution would be a mural.”

Bowers said the Lehman Caves of Great Basin National Park have attracted members of the caving society for decades. The project received a $16,000 matching grant from the Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership.

Shrewsbury plans to complete the final mural design within a month, and will first present it to Terry as a courtesy. From there, the design will be presented to the Great Basin National Heritage Area, the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office, Great Basin National Park and the Parkview Motel, where it will be located, for final feedback and approval before painting can begin.