To the Editor:
I’m writing to request a favor from your readers. In a college course I’m taking to become a teacher, my professor has assigned us a project to learn about a town in the U.S. She’s requiring that we do this without the use of technology; rather, she wants us to learn from the lived experiences of the people who know the town.
Since I go to school in Minnesota and can’t visit personally, would you be willing to print my letter in your paper so that your readers could write to me? I would really appreciate hearing from them. I chose Ely because my last name is Ely and I have never been to Nevada.
I’d love to learn about the recreatiozn and any attractions or events that happen in your area throughout the year. What is the history of this town? Are there any stories about the town? How far is it to the nearest city? What education opportunities/schools are there in Ely? I would also like to learn about the businesses and stores in the town.
I was unsure as to who I should this letter to in your office. If I have sent it to the wrong person, please direct it to the proper person for me. Thank you for your help.
Most sincerely,

Samantha Ely
c/o Bethany Lutheran College
700 Luther Drive
Mankato, MN 56001
Professor Polly Browen, PhD