We have two house cats that shed.  Normally that would be ‘nuff said.  But there is so much more to say.

Trying to keep on top of shedding, animal and human, is a never ending circle of hair today hair tomorrow. It doesn’t seem to matter how much sweeping up with a broom or sucking up with a vacuum I do, there is always something floating around just looking for an eye to land in or a TV screen to stick too.

Yes, I admit it, I have found a wayward lost piece of myself in the spaghetti. That wasn’t as bad as the time he found a fly in the spaghetti.  Huh! Maybe I should quit making spaghetti. But finding ourselves in our home cooking is not what brings me here today.

No, it’s about finding someone else hanging out in the soup that was the topic of discussion recently. Yep there is nothing as appetizing as digging into a much anticipated ice cream delight and finding an extra-long, or even kinky, added attraction to your dessert. Yummy. Maybe grabbing a potato chip out of a freshly opened bag and finding that there is a second chip following that first one out of the bag both held together with a hair. Ugh. But again I’m not quite there…

Someone needs to explain to me why there seems to be one person more than anyone else in the family that usually is the recipient of these added bonuses to food.  Now I don’t want to tempt the fates here, but in our house that recipient is not me. You might think that is a blessing, but in reality it is usually easier for me to find the bonus in the meal.  I will just quietly remove the added attraction and then quit the meal.  I prefer to not cause a big hullabaloo.

But there are those that will make a display of the find.  Pulling whatever it is out and laying it on a fresh napkin, like it was royalty.   Examining it to see if it has come from a member of the immediate family or if it is something that was lost from some unknown unseen contributor in a factory somewhere far, far away. Then calling attention to the object and making those gagging sounds, pushing the plate across the table like it is on fire. Grabbing for water. And on and on…

Then to go further on this oh so mouthwatering subject but along different road, what do you do when you get a hair in your eye? This is really annoying. Especially if you have a cat or dog, that has really fine hair, in residence within the walls or your abode. Again this happens to the hair magnet in our family more often anyone else.

In the past it wasn’t a problem to help get the unwanted intruder out of the eye.  We would start by making what we call a ninny, kind of twist to one corner of a tissue to use as a scoop to gather and remove the unwanted intruder. That worked for years. But recently I have noticed, and he has too, that the hairs that come in contact with the eyes in our house are getting smaller and smaller.  I have to get my glasses set just so, to be able to get the bottom extra thick part of the glasses, i.e. the bifocal part, so that I can see the eye I am digging around in. That means I have to get really close and that is getting to be more and more uncomfortable as it involves bending in weird ways.  Now it seems to be easier to just have a bottle of eye drops on hand to wash the eye out instead of trying to locate and extract whatever is causing the problem.

More interesting is when you have to find something in your own eye, and you wear glasses.  That can become a merry hunt in itself. Again, the drops for washing is much easier that running a scratchy ninny across your eye hunting for something you can feel but there is no way you can see.

Let me end here by going completely off track. (Who ever heard of me going off track?) About hair and lack of it and or much of it… No I think I will leave that for another day as there is so much to say.

I can give ninny making instructions if needed.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle. Share your thoughts with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com