Courtesy photo Adam Laxalt visit Elys and officially endorses Ted Cruz

Courtesy photo
Adam Laxalt visit Elys and officially endorses Ted Cruz

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt visited Ely’s Hotel Nevada on Feb. 6 to stump for Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Laxalt officially endorsed Cruz last month and is the Cruz for President Nevada Chairman.

White Pine County Commissioner Mike Coster introduced Laxalt as “a tremendous friend” of the county.

“He also has a tremendous presence in the county,” Coster said. “In almost checklist form, he has delivered on promises he made to the county.”

“White Pine County will be a big piece in a narrow victory the party needs,” Laxalt told a crowd of about two dozen. “American is ready for real conservative leadership. That’s why I’m supporting Ted Cruz.”

Cruz won the Iowa Republican Caucus Feb. 1, edging out runner-up Donald Trump by three percentage points.

Laxalt first focused on Cruz’s legal experience, pointing to his experience as Texas Solicitor General, a position that required him to argue state appeals in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Laxalt explained the President’s executive power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court and federal district courts in Nevada.

“We’re at a tipping point with our judges,” Laxalt said.

Laxalt also touched on national security issues.

“We have to be willing to call our enemy what it is,” Laxalt said. “I’m disappointed in some of our Republican leaders. Ted Cruz is that young leader for our party.”

Laxalt criticized Cruz’s two main competitors, Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

“The people will make America great again,” Laxalt said, referring to Trump’s slogan. “We don’t need a person to make America great again.”

Laxalt said Trump’s first instinct is to not release federal control of land in western states like Nevada. He also took Rubio to task for his co-sponsorship of the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill.

“Cruz was in the meetings working to kill it every day,” Laxalt said, adding, “Accountability is the biggest problem we face in Washington.”

One attendee asked for clarification about Cruz’s eligibility to run. Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, to an American mother and Cuban father who later became a naturalized U.S. citizen. The issue received some brief media attention, but the vast majority of legal opinions confirm that Cruz is a U.S. citizen and eligible to hold the office of President.

“Cruz supporters are the most locked in,” Laxalt said. “When it comes down to Cruz versus Rubio or Trump, I’m sure Cruz would win. Your votes do matter. White Pine matters. Your votes are going to swing this election.”

Laxalt continued to explain why Cruz is good for Nevada.

“Cruz will work to repeal Obamacare and its huge effects,” Laxalt said. “And there’s more to come. He has a tax plan that he believes will shrink the tax burden and put more money in our pockets. He has pledged to review business regulations and cut them back. That’s our bread and butter. He’s going to use Ronald Reagan’s economic policies. He’s going to work to release federal land to the states. He’s going to dig into the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Interior and institute a philosophical culture change. With President Cruz, Nevada will never have to sue him for the actions of the EPA or DOI.”

Coster said that his party has added two more caucus voting locations, in Baker and Lund. Nevada’s Republican Caucus is Tuesday, Feb. 23.