To the Editor:

I would like to thank Ross Johnson for his article on the condition of Yelland Field.  The airport has been ignored by the county commissioners far to long. They seemed surprised by the report, what did they expect?

Geri Wopschall

To the Editor:

We the people are fed up with the lies and deceit of the greedy politicians who think more of themselves than the people they represent.  They are a group of self-righteous individuals who capitalize on every opportunity to benefit themselves.  Our voice is being heard loud and clear.  Politicians, you will mistreat us no more.  We will elect a person who is not a politician and cannot be bought.  One who is on a mission to take this country back and restore the greatness that it once had.  We will elect a one Donald J. Trump.  And so it shall be.

George Devine

To the Editor:

The need for taxes to support our state is undeniable. But the Nevada Department of Taxation’s latest move placing an even larger burden on the injured, sick and dying is both unnecessary and inhumane.

The NVDOT found a “legal” way to ignore a previous NV Supreme Court decision exempting life-saving equipment like ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and all oxygen administration equipment from taxation. The rapacious act now makes Nevada the most oppressive state, one of the few to charge sales and use tax on their sickest population.

In a cruel parting gift from the NVDOT, terminally ill hospice patients will now be taxed during their average remaining life span of 11 days. Even sick newborns are not protected: life-saving monitors may go unordered if parents cannot afford the expense.

Most of us will need home medical equipment in our lifetimes. To charge sales and use tax on life-sustaining equipment is nothing short of immoral. NVDOT should be ashamed.

Leslie Sargent

1423 Gordon Ave.

Reno, NV 89509

To the Editor:

I’m an alumnus of the Ely Times, having been a reporter and photographer in 1979, when it was still a five-day-a-week daily on Aultman Street. Although I didn’t linger, I’ve always been fond of Ely and its high-desert people.

With the Nevada Democratic Caucus this Saturday, I’m writing to ask the people of White Pine County to support Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont ( I’m not sure how fertile the White Pine soil will be for him: when I was there, the Sagebrush Rebellion was in full swing, and that was hardly a liberal Democratic movement.

But he is the one major presidential candidate fighting for economic justice for Americans. Some people are put off by his being a self-identified Democratic Socialist. But many of the most successful and prosperous Western European countries — Germany and the Scandinavian countries in particular — are either governed by socialist parties or have strong socialist movements. People shouldn’t be fear-mongered out of voting for the one major-party candidate who’s really on their side.

Thanks for allowing me to speak my mind. If I ever make it back to Ely, I look forward to trying my luck again with the slot machines at the Hotel Nevada. Ideally, I’ll do better than I did in 1979.

Jon Krampner

Los Angeles