Community poverty education, Saturday, Feb. 27, 1-4pm at the Ely United Methodist Church, 890 Ave. M. Sponsored by the United Methodist Women.

Experience what it is like to live a month in poverty in just a few hours. Participants will be exposed to the realities of poverty by assuming the role of a family member. The task for each participant is to provide basic necessities and shelter, while juggling various service providers in the face of the realities of daily life. Participants will encounter some unique circumstances that may cause them to think differently about poverty than they did before.

A fun, free and educational event for the entire family and community. Many in our community live at or below 100 percent of the poverty line (22,811 per year for a family of four). Even more live below 250% of the poverty line, that is, below “middle class”. Because we live in a rural area, intergenerational poverty is a special concern for our community. Yet, many of us are not aware of the struggles our less fortunate friends and neighbors must cope with daily. Afterwards, join us for a discussion about a new program that can assist those in poverty achieve their goals for lasting and sustainable self-sufficiency and generational success.

Refreshments will be served and childcare will be provided.

Donations accepted to help those in need locally, nationally and internationally.

For more information or to volunteer contact Pastor Suzanne Calhoun 775-293-5113.

Presented by the United Methodist Women for the Annual Mission Fundraiser. This event is an Interfaith and Interagency Collaboration.