Are you looking for a career? Start with JOIN, Inc. for training services!

How does one qualify for JOIN’s Services?

•Be at least 18 years of age and

•Have a high school diploma or equivalent; and

•Have lost a job through layoff, reorganization, downsizing, or termination; or

•Have served in and been released from the military; or

•Qualify for public assistance; or

•Face barriers to employment due to a physical, mental, or emotional disability; or

•Be without prior work experience due to raising children and becoming a single parent.

•Meet income eligibility guidelines.

Each individual who visits JOIN, Inc. office is treated with dignity and respect and is assumed to have a passion for work, a desire to become self-sufficient, and a determination to acquire the skills needed for a long-term career.

Stop by your local JOIN, Inc. office and inquire what can be done to assist your individual needs.

JOIN, Inc.

894 ½ E. Aultman Street

Ely, Nevada 89301

775-289-3061 (T)

Jill Jakobiak

Career Training Coordinator