David E Noman Elementary School held it’s annual science fair Tuesday February 16, 2016.  Students entered and set up their projects that morning and a panel of 6 comunity judges from Robinson Nevada Mining, Nevada Early Intervention Services and Economy Drug interviewed the students throughout the day.

Common Core Curriculum places emphasis on the expressive language piece of student learning.  The science fair helps students not only learn scientific method and think through problems with data collection in mind, it helps them communicate their thoughts, questions and how they arrived at a conclusion.

The judges were able to spend more than 15 minutes per project while the students presented their work and had an educational dialogue with the judges.  The judges were particularly great at validating their thoughts and work, but also helping students to think about how they could expand or try different methods.

This year, David E Norman had all four First Grade Classes enter whole class projects.  This was a great learning experience for kids.   Two different groups tried their hands at an invention this year.  Inventions follow a differnet judging criteria than experiements.  There were several team projects entered and a dozen individual projects.  Students chose topics from gravity, global warming, sugar, fabric absorbtion, to name a few.

The students were given Blue, Red and White ribbons based on their use of scientific method, journals, boards and interview.

This year, there were 4 Grand Champions and 4 Reserved Champions.

CLASS Projects:

Grand Champion is Mrs. Padilla’s class (Apples, Apples, Apples)

Reserved Champion is Ms. Nicholes’ class (Chocolate)


Grand Champion is Kiala Reynolds (Flower Power)

Reserved Champion is Chelsie Newman (Laundry Soap)


Grand Champion is Cora Calhoun (The Most Absorbant Fabric)

Reserved Champion is Sarah Dingess (Defying Gravity)


Grand Champion is Kayson Ernest and Cameron Dolezal (Hover Craft)

Reserved Champion is Kaitlyn Smith and Dakota Weston (Lava Lamp)

A few parents and board members helped throughout the day of the judging and we wish to thank the judges as well.

Parents: Andy Bath, April Bath, Amy Carson

School Board Members:Mary Kerner, Pete Mangum

Judges:From Robinson Nevada Mining: Elias Dib, John Thiel, Stephan Pidhayny, Kami Schaefer

From Nevada Early Intervention Services: Karen Frisk

From Economy Drug: Andy Bath

Courtesy photos D.E.N. students showing their science fair projects.

Courtesy photos
D.E.N. students showing their science fair projects.

3-4 DEN Science Fair1