Marriage licenses issued for the month of February
Jacob Roy Watson and Julie Suzanne Valdez, both of Ely, Feb. 2.

Seth Kupono Davis and Michele Leighanne Brown, both of McGill, Feb. 10.

Wade Christopher Mulliner and Karen Leigh Ingle, both of Ely, Feb. 24.

Brigham Corwin Lee Bliss and Abigail Lin Wells, both of Ely, Feb. 29

Divorces granted for the month of February

Jessica Panagopoulos and William G. Panagopoulos, Proper Person, Feb. 9.

Louis S. Estep and Skylie R. Estep, David Loreman, Feb. 16. Danny M. Colville and Patricia H. Colville, Barbara Torvinen, Feb. 24.