Saturday and Sunday, August 20 and 21 will be the dates set for this year’s annual White Pine Horse Races.

This year’s races have again been slated to run in conjunction with the White Pine County Fair and the Rancher-Businessmen Barbecue

This year’s race committee selected Jim Bath as chairman of the board of directors with Bob Bartlett serving as co-chairman.

Others serving on this year’s board of directors include Marietta Henry, secretary to chair; George Carnes, race secretary, Bill Thompson, treasurer; and Sid Beckwith, race manager.

Others serving on the committee are: Kevin Robison, pari-mutuel, Mike Hanley, bar; Wayne Cameron, concessions; Ken Curto, gates and security; John T. Chachas, barns and trainers; Gina Hutchison, bank cashier; Dany Feinstein;  Glen Terry paddock, John .Cavilia, starting gate and Ken Kliewer, publicity.

The Conditions books for 2016 are being finalized and are expected to be printed by early April.