William Bee Ririe Hospital would like to send a big thank you to the Pink Ladies for their generous contribution made last month.  In a small ceremony held at the Hospital, Colleen Ashby, President of the Pink Ladies, presented Matthew Walker, William Bee Ririe Hospital C.E.O., with a check for the proceeds from candy vending and gift shop services here at the hospital, both operated on a volunteer basis by the Pink Ladies.  Each year these proceeds from the Pink Ladies go towards different hospital improvements.  In previous years, improvements in the kitchen, laundry, and equipment have all been made through these funds.

The Pink Ladies began more than thirty years ago, with a mission to help and support the hospital.  Their twelve members do this on a volunteer only basis, running the hospital gift shop, holding blood drives, helping with the annual Health Fair, and more.  Please stop by the hospital gift shop to support these wonderful ladies in the great work they do.