The incoming officers for the 2016–2017 fraternal lodge year were installed Thursday, March 24 at the Elks Lodge.  NSEA President-Elect Bill Wiseman PDDGER, representing the Grand Exalted Ruler opened the ceremony and presided over the installation.

Those installed were:  Gayle Bartlett, Exalted Ruler; Allen Lafferty, Est. Leading Knight;  Andre Paez, Est. Loyal Knight;  Mitch Ashworth, Est. Lecturing Knight; Bill Thompson, Secretary; Beverly Cornutt PER, Treasurer;  Denise Beckwith, Five Year Trustee;  Tommy Johnson, Inner Guard; Bunny Hill, Chaplain; Jessica Hester, Esquire and Deanna Lerch,  Tiler.

Past Exalted Rulers and installing officers were NSEA President-Elect Bill Wiseman PDDGER, Ken Curto PSP, Kelly Brown PER, Dan Cornutt PER, Robert Marcum PER, Ronald Taylor PER, Sid Beckwith PER, Charles Lum Kee PER, Nevada South DDGER-Designate, George Montgomery Nevada South DDGER and Bill Bohnett PDDGER.

Incoming Exalted Ruler Bartlett made brief remarks and the ceremony was concluded by PDDGER Wiseman.