A talented artist from Tucson, Arizona is generously donating her skills to help promote the 300 block of Aultman Street into an Art block.

Leiloni Kammerer of Leiloni Designs has decorated the sidewalk planter in front of the Art Bank.  She would like to teach others in the technique to help with the remaining 9 planters.  Each planter will feature a hidden treasure representing the related business.  Eventually visitors will look for these 10 hidden clues.

Several KGHM Robinson Mine employees and Kim Kammerer has donated $2,000 to purchase supplies.  Ed Spear from WP Tourism is doing the heavy lifting assisted by Leiloni’s husband Kim  and Ernie Flangas.  The City of Ely has donated the planters and will oversee the flower planting and watering.

Visit the Art Bank to inquire how to become involved in this community project.