Courtesy photos

Learning Bridge Charter School has dedicated their band room to Becky and Mary Nardi.  Becky was a member of the White Pine High School Band from 1991 to 1995 and her daughter Mary was very active at WPHS and a member of the 2012-2014 White Pine High School Band.  Becky was also  very active volunteer at Learning Bridge and was on campus ever day during the first year of operation.  Pictured are members of Becky and Mary’s family, band director Cal Henley an founder of Learning Bridge Julie Krch.  Family members include Becky’s mother and father, Mary’s grandparents, Mary Lou, Meryl Lee, Becky’s husband and Mary’s father Tony Nardi,  brother/uncle Tony and Kaycee Nardi, sister/aunt, Teresa Hutchinson, niece/cousin Kate Adams, son/brother Thomas Nardi holding the dedication plaque that is mounted in the Learning Bridge Band Room.

4-29 LB Band Room2Bandroom1