Jeff Cramer, WPHS Mathematics teacher has been nominated as the Lions’ Club Teacher of the Month.

Mr. Cramer, despite being one of the most tenured teachers in the White Pine County School District, has never been satisfied with the status quo. He constantly seeks to reinvent himself in the classroom to best meet the needs of students.

One such illustration goes back to the mid 1990s, when Mr. Cramer advocated for WPHS implementing an integrated approach to teacher mathematics. Mr. Cramer believed then, as now, that math ought to be learned the way it is encountered in real life: in context. Mr. Cramer helped develop this approach before it was popular.

Similarly, in the mid 2000s, WPHS studied and implemented Quadrant D lessons school-wide. Mr. Cramer served as a great resource for other teachers during this time, as he was able to share lessons that he had designed to help students apply mathematics in all disciplines and at a high degree of cognition. Students studied when the world would run out of cell phone numbers and presented architectural plans for the then only a dream Bobcat Stadium to school board members.

Additionally, more than six years ago, Mr. Cramer led the way with piloting standards-based grading and rubrics. Now he provides students with even more specific Success Critiera, designed to help them understand exactly what they need and how well they need to do it before a unit of study is completed.

Through the years at WPHS, Mr. Cramer served as an assistant and varsity Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball coach. He enjoyed tremendous success in these endeavors, leading multiple Ladycat teams to state playoff games, and guiding teams to be state Softball champions in 2002, 2004, and 2005. Mr. Cramer served as the Athletic Director at WPHS for a period of four years.

Mr. Cramer led colleagues as a WPHS site professional development facilitator for multiple years. He worked as a professional development coordinator for the NNRPDP for several years before returning to the District when there was a need for a math teacher in Lund. He spent his final year in the District back at WPHS and continued through it all to lead, innovate, and assist the school in achieving its vision of all students learning at high levels. His positive impact upon the school community are recognized, valuable, and unquantifiable (which is ironic, for a math teacher).

Jeff Cramer became a teacher in his 30’s. Before that he was in industry. He received his education degree at Montana State University, Billings. He taught mathematics and computer science in Laurel, Montana at the Laurel Middle School.

Cramer moved to Ely in 1987, in part because Joe Theile was his elementary school principal in Hysham, Montana. He subsequently became the principal at WPHS. He had retired by 1987, but small-town connections last for some time. Cramer was hired two days after Bob Dolezal was hired. Glen Terry was on the hiring committing, and Ferd Mariani was the principal at t the time.

In 1989 Cramer was named one of the top 50 math and science teachers in Nevada, and spent a week of that summer at UNLV getting special training.

He has been active in the sports programs at WPHS. Coach volleyball, girls’ basketball, and softball. The teams that he coached won the State Softball title in 1993, 2002, 2004, and 2005. He was Dean Thornock’s assistant in 2005 when the girls won the State Basketball title in 2005.

Cramer followed Thornock as the head girls’ basketball coach, and was part of the teams that took second at State in both 2012 and 2013. He also followed Thornock as the Athletic Director and was fortunate enough to be named Nevada Athletic Director  of the Year in 2011.

In 2013, Cramer took a leave of absence from teaching duties to become a coordinator at the Northern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program. He traveled around Northern Rural Nevada providing professional development training for teachers in mathematics and science. He trained teachers from Winnemucca to West Wendover and points in between.

In December of 2014, Bob Dolezale asked if he would return to the classroom to replace a teacher who had retired in mid-year. He was more than happy to oblige. During the second semester of 2014-2015, Cramer taught mathematics in Lund, then moved back to WPHS for his final school year in WPCSD.

Courtesy photo Pictured left to right: Adam Young, Principal at White Pine High School;  Jeff Cramer;  Woody Robinson;  and Lion Ken Curto.

Courtesy photo
Pictured left to right: Adam Young, Principal at White Pine High School;  Jeff Cramer;  Woody Robinson;  and Lion Ken Curto.