About a dozen local youth and adults gathered at the Ely Central Theatre on April 23 to discuss the future of their new organization, the Youth Troops.

“It’s for kids that need help,” club organizer Cameron Brazell said. “It’s for kids that want to do something and want to go out and get involved with the community.”

Brazell and the others discussed possible community service and fundraising ideas. They decided to have bake and craft sales and to establish a booth at the Arts in the Park festival this summer.

“I’m going to be talking to kids during the summer,” Brazell said.  “Sometimes kids are victims of themselves.”

“I want to help put a stop to bullying,” mother Tami Key said. “I want parents to step up and get more involved and quit being afraid to go in front of the school. We want the kids to be safe and know they have someone to talk to. We are going to try our hardest to stop bullying.”

Key claimed several incidents of bullying of her 13-year-old daughter by other students and teachers in the district that have left her considering a move back to Idaho.

Key wants any youth that belive they are being bullied to text STANDUP to 839863, call 1-775-689-0150, or visit www.bullyfreezone.nv.gov.