To The Editor:
Hello, my name is Will N. I am a fifth grade student at Harlan Intermediate School in Harlan, Iowa. My class is studying the geography and history of the United States. I am excited to learn more about your state of Nevada. I would really appreciate it if you would send my photos, postcards, your state map, and information or souvenirs on your outstanding state. I really appreciate your time and look forward to learning more about your amazing state of Nevada.
Thank you.

Wil N.
Mrs. Newlin’s Social Studies Class
Harlan Intermediate School
1401 19th St.
Harlan, IA 51537

To the Editor:

My husband and I want to give a big shout out to Battleborn Towing and Recovery! Last Friday night, we got stuck in the mud on a side road about 20 miles south of the Ruby Marshes just off Cty Road 3. Took a wrong turn and we went into a ditch at the top of the pass. A 18-wheeler truck came along behind us and made the same wrong turn. Thankfully the truck driver’s cell phone worked (go AT&T!) and with the help of the White Pine Sheriff’s office, we contacted Battleborn Towing. We spent the night in the ditch in our camper van and first thing Saturday morning, Battleborn was on the case. They showed up about 10am and it took all day to get the two vehicles out of the mud and back on the main road. The conditions were really bad and they worked hard. We were back on the road by 4 that afternoon and the truck driver behind us by 5. Living in Reno, we know to be careful in the wilds but things happen. Without Battleborn’s help, we might have had a completely different ending to this story. Instead, with their hard work, we are home on Monday morning, drinking coffee, and living our regular life again. THANKS, Battleborn Towing!! You guys are awesome!!

Celia and John Kupersmith

Reno NV

To The Editor:

We had an emergency on April 22 at 6:30 p.m. approximately one mile south of your main city on Great Basin Hwy. Our motorhome was on fire.

Your fire department and sheriff’s office and possibly police were so prompt in responding. They were all so helpful and caring with their professional services.

We lost our motorhome but we will remember how special your responders were. We could not thank them enough. Everyone, including Sam at White Pine Battle Born Restoration, were greatly appreciated. Please give them recognition for their jobs well done. Thank you to all of them.


Larry and Gaye Pryse

Yakima, WA